38th Texas Packard Meet-Early Report (4/12/15)

The weather man was wrong, wrong, wrong (thank God!). We did not get the predicted rain. We did not get the thunder storms. Some mild fog and an occasional light mist was about it. Unfortunately, a lot of people left their Packards at home, so the number of cars was down. Nevertheless, there were some great Packards on display. The tour went off without a hitch and most everyone seemed to have a great time.


Tommy Baccardo's Report on the 38th Texas Packard Meet


The 38th annual Texas Packard Meet was held in Salado, Texas, April 10-12, 2015.  Salado is of historical significance because it was one of the official stops on the Chisholm Trail cattle drive which came through the area from 1866-1885.  The meet site is the Stagecoach Inn which has the distinction of being the oldest hotel in Texas under continuous operation.
Unfortunately the "doom and gloom" weather forecasts of the prior week caused many people to leave their Packards at home.  As it turns out, the weather was pretty much perfect for the weekend.  It was lightly foggy in the mornings and overcast, which made for nice temperatures and great sunshine in the afternoons.  Even with those who opted to leave the Packards at home, we did have more than forty cars entered into the various classes for the "People 'sChoice" competition.  The cars ranged from a 1919 Twin Six Landaulet Town Car to several 1956 junior and senior models.  Due to the decreased numbers there were several classes without an entry.  The prewar favorite was the 1919 Landaulet belonging to Frank and Robin Guy.  The post war choice was the 1951 300 belonging to Bill Ship.  Bill also was the winner of the Jim Hollingsworth "long distance" award as he drove the '51 from Shreveport, La.  In looking at the magnificent 1919, I could not help but think about the things that car has seen.  I also wonder how many like it did not survive the scrap drives of WW II?
Many participants arrive on Thursday in order to drive on the "early bird" tour. Gordan and Bettye Logan have become the tour organizers by unanimous vote.  On Friday morning at 9 a. m. we lined up and left the Stagecoach Inn parking lot heading towards the eventual destination of Georgetown, Texas.  Through the hill country 's winding roads, the bluebonnets (state flower of Texas) as well as many other wildflowers were in full bloom.  At New Corn Hill we drove by a beautiful Catholic Church built by Czech settlers in 1913.  There was also an interesting Moravian Church in the same area.  Approaching Georgetown, we drove through beautiful San Gabriel Park which the San Gabriel River bisects among the oak trees, which appear to be at least 100 years old.  In Georgetown the 15 Packards and other modern cars making the tour, were parked around the County Court House.  It is a beautiful old courthouse and is undergoing renovation.  The oldest car on the tour was the Stewarts' 1925 Touring Car and there were several V 8 's on the other end of the spectrum.  We drove our trusty '55 Custom Clipper.  Following a lunch break, we formed the caravan again and headed over to see Gordon and Bettye Logan's collection of American and European Classic cars, which is housed near the Sports Clips headquarters there in Georgetown. 
On Saturday morning the Packards were parked in the various classes for viewing and voting while the Packard Swap Meet took place around the antique Stagecoach, which stands out front of the Inn.  Last year I sold more than I bought, but that was not the case this year.  Saturday afternoon several seminars were held in the Longhorn room to a standing room only crowd.  Then Saturday evening a formal dinner was followed by the awards presentation.
At the Sunday morning business meeting it was announced that April 1-3 will be the dates for the 39th meet.  The Texas Packard Meet is sponsored by the four Texas Regions of the Packard Club.  The regions are Lone Star Packard, Heart of Texas Packards, North Texas Packard, and Arklatex Packard.  Please join us in 2016.



We are looking forward to the 39th annual Texas Packard meet in 2016. Here are some details:

The 39th Annual Texas Packard Meet will occur April 1-3, 2016

Hold everything! The Stagecoach Inn has been sold. The new owners will need at least two years (maybe 4!) to make the planned improvements. So, we lanched a search for a new site for the 2016 meet.

We have taken a hard look at Georgetown, Waco and Waxahatchie. None of them has proven to be a good option. Some are lacking in facilities and some have priced themselves out of consideration.

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we settled on Inn of the Hills in Kerrville for the 2016 meet.




The 39th Annual Texas Packard Meet will be held at the Inn of the Hills Hotel and Conference Center, 1001 Junction Highway, Kerrville, Texas.  We are fortunate to be able to keep the first weekend in April for the meet (April 1-3).  Rooms in the block will be available Thursday (March 31), Friday and Saturday nights. All rooms are non-smoking and have free wireless Internet.

When making individual reservations, please call Inn of the Hills Resort & Conference Center @ 800-292-5690 and request the Texas Packard Meet block to secure the negotiated group room rate.  For any additional questions please contact the Texas Packard Meet coordinator or Inn of the Hills Sales Department at 830-895-6018.

New development:

If you are told that the block of rooms has been sold out, ask for the "Overflow" rooms that are being held at the YO Ranch Hotel (owned by the same company) for us. They may cost a little

more and may not have the free breakfast, but the management says that they are holding some rooms at a discounted rate. The person who takes the call may not

know about this, so tell them, and be firm if you have to!

 The block of rooms will be held until MARCH 01, 2016 at which time those rooms not reserved will be released for sale to others.  Reservations received after this date will be accepted based on availability.  Cancellation of a guaranteed individual reservation must be received 24 hours prior to the day of arrival to avoid a no-show charge at the group rate.  Rooms will be available for check-in on the day of arrival at 4:00 pm.  Checkout time is 12:00 noon.

The hotel features two swimming pools, a free breakfast, and guests are invited to bring a rod and reel to fish in the river behind the hotel.


39th Annual Meeting Brochure (click here)

(Special note about the Early Bird Tour. If you don't have a Packard to drive, but want to enjoy the tour just ask around. Several drivers will have empty seats that they would love to share with you. Also, you may dirve a non-Packard in the tour, just join up after the last Packard. There is a strong rumor that the drive will be allowed to visit a very special private car collection in the Kerrville area, so you don't want to miss this! Trust me, you don't want to miss this rare opportunity!)

Registration Form

Information Form

Link to Inn of the Hills Web Site

Link to map to Inn of the Hills


Packards and Porsches in the Park???

Below is a message from Mike Vriesenga who is affiliated with a Porsche club in North Texas. They are holding their 16th Annual Texas

Hill Country Ralle (http://www.hillcountryrallye.org) in Kerrville (YO Ranch Hotel) at the same time as the Texas Packard Meet.

They have reached out to us proposing an informal get together of the two clubs on Friday, April First:

"When I heard the Packard Club would be in Kerrville the same weekend I 
thought, “How cool would it be to have a “Packards and Porsches” show in the 
park on Friday evening? Pretty cool, I think. We have reserved the Louise 
Hayes park along the river from 6 to 8 PM or so on Friday for an informal 
“show.” This is really just an opportunity to bring all the cars together 
in one venue and gawk a little. I’ll invite local BBQ places to bring their 
wares for sale if they would like.

We will do nothing more formal than arrange the 80 expected cars by type. If 
you would like to join us, that would be very cool indeed. Or if folks just 
want to drive down and share the love of classic automobiles, we’d certainly 
be glad for them to visit."

If you have ideas for meetings after 2016, please see the following information:


Please be advised that if your region wants to suggest another venue, “closer to home”, for the Texas Packard Meet, it will be your responsibility to do all of the research.  This includes all costs involved in providing our needs.  The site selected must meet the following criteria:

  >75-100 guest rooms, price is important and can be negotiated, that includes good prices for meeting rooms.   

  >The date of the first weekend in April is important; Easter is April 16th so that should not present a conflict.
>A room which can be used for registration, hospitality, perhaps a meal and can comfortably seat 150-200 for the awards program and for the Sunday morning business meeting.  This room needs to be available from 4:00 pm till 11:00 pm on Thursday, 7:00 a.m.- 11:00 pm on Friday and Saturday and 9:00 am – 12:00 noon on Sunday.

  >The ability to provide our own snacks and drinks for the hospitality room.

  >Ability to provide finger foods for Saturday noon, at a reasonable price.
>A room to accommodate individuals who attend tech sessions.  It needs to be available from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm on Saturday.

  >A room available for a National Board Meeting.
>A banquet room which will seat at least 100 people and the capability of providing the Saturday evening dinner.
>It should have a restaurant on location so that people can get a meal; the Stage Coach Inn coffee shop was often closed.   
>An area which will accommodate 50 to 65 cars to be displayed on Saturday, and an area to handle trailers that haul the cars.

  >A location suitable for the Friday tour.
>One of most important issues is traffic.  We are trying to stay away from cities where there is a lot of traffic.    


Please include all of the costs involved, for the entire weekend, in your presentation.  Please understand that if your site is chosen, it will be your responsibility to make all of the arrangements for the entire weekend and buy the items for the hospitality room.


At the April, 2016 Texas Packard Meet, each proponent for a new venue will be given a short time to make a full presentation with the above criteria, and the whole membership attending will take a vote.  New ideas are always welcome.  The registrar has done her best to set up a suitable location on such a short notice, to find available the date we needed and to keep it within our means.  If you are not satisfied with the Inn of the Hills for future meets, please have your presentation ready for the meeting.


Meeting Registrar is Jeannie Clark, 210-347-1064, 221 Hills of Texas Trail, Georgetown, TX 78633


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Historic Photo from 2006 Texas Packard Meet

(Courtesy of Bob Supina. Photo taken by Gail Supina.)

Photo shows the late Warren Packard, Jr., Bob Supina and the late Roger White in front of

Bob's 1937 Packard Super Eight LeBaron All-Weather Town Car.

Warren and Roger were direct descendants of the founders of Packard Motor Car Company.







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